Solving problems –  automated, data-centric and reproducible

  1. Writing about how developers can analyze and solve problems in their software.
  2. Talking about how you can get from gut feelings to reliable analysis to improve software systems.
  3. Offering consulting to companies that want to take the next step in optimizing their software in an effective way.

Fighting Legacy Systems

  1. Reengineering the book “Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns”:
  2. Preparing a talk about how to tackle legacy systems and companies
  3. Contributing to aim42 – the architecture improvement method:

Bringing epistemology into agile software development

In German:

  1. Giving talks about how epistemology influences software development
  2. Evaluating weak spots of Xtreme Programming with the help of epistemology
  3. Translating “Agile in 3 Minutes”