Executive summary

I can help you to

  • identify critical issues, quantify technical debt and assess risks in your software and
  • optimize your software systems and reduce costs for maintenance


Software systems are seen as guarantees for steady business value streams. But software gets older, too. Changes are getting harder and the inner quality of the software systems is decreasing. Knowledge about the complex system is spread in few developers’ heads.

Do you know what your problem is? You will have to live with these old “legacy systems” longer than you expect! There is a shortage of good developers and the business case for a complete rewrite is far away. You have to bring your ailing software system back to life – and this fitter than ever.

You feel that something isn’t right or can be improved but you don’t know where to start. I help you to transform your guts feeling into facts by analyzing data of your software ecosystem.



I identify rooms for improvements in a reproducible, data-driven and automated way – tailored to your specific context.  By using an open process, you can add your valuable experience to the analysis as well. This gives you a new perspective with unprecedented insights about your software systems and organization based on real data.


Problems in software development are manifold and heavy interconnected. I’m linking your business goals to the identified problems and their root causes as well as the underlying technical details. By using a graph-based approach, it’s possible to prioritize improvements your software systems by aligning them with your companies’ objectives. Hands-on included!


No magic or voodoo: I’ll show you how I approach problem-solving with my root cause analysis methodology based on data science – reproducible, data-driven and automated. From the raw data to the conclusion, I unveil every step. This allows your team to repeat my analyses and enables them to carry out their own in the future.

Why me?

I worked for several years as a software developer and work in different domains. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science as well as a Master’s degree in Information Systems & Management. That makes me an expert in the area of Software Development both from the developers’ as well as the business’ perspective.


  • Executed ad-hoc analysis of multiple software issues both data-driven and manually
  • Identified and solved performance hotspots in large enterprise software (> 1 million lines of code created by over 100 participants)
  • Detected sporadic build breakers caused by both development and infrastructure issues.
  • Created a self-validating, living architecture documentation
  • Identified missing knowledge about a software system by analyzing version control systems
  • Over 10 years’ experience in Java application development
  • Working over 3 years’ in the area of Software Analytics
  • I speak about my experiences at companies, meetups and conferences.


Feel free to contact me to solve your problems in software development in an automated, data-centric and reproducible way!

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