Here is what I’m currently doing (last update: March 2021)


  • Working for INNOQ as a senior consultant
    Best job so far. Plenty of interesting, classic consulting gigs, e.g, code optimization, software modernization, workshops on software architecture in general, and so forth.


  • Working on and conducting first proof of concepts for a Software Analytics course and maybe a book
    After giving plenty of talks and workshops as well as writing about this topic, I finally have plenty of material that “just” needs to be compiled into a course and/or book.



  • Conducting workshops for Software Analytics, software architecture and software evolution
    Got some nice online formats for several topics around software architecture. I invested some time to migrate them into the online world. Seems to be working according to the very good feedback.



  • (Co-)Hosting meetups like Software Architecture Meetup Nürnberg, CyberJUG or CyberLand
    In the offline world, it really was fun to have some special meetups going on. In times of COVID, I only organize online meetups or conferences if there is enough time for it and/or if they are really special. Currently, there are other things more important than also sitting in the evenings before a screen.


  • In my free time…
    Yes, there is actually some free time! I’m gardening (with focus on tomatoes). I also started forest works with my battery-powered Makita chainsaw. This led to other hobbies like woodturning and carving.


Latest activities on Twitter: @feststelltaste