I’m happy to announce that I’ve started to bring Software Analytics to students worldwide! As of this year, I’m an instructor at DataCamp! I’ve created a short course for DataCamp’s new “Project” offering.


DataCamp Projects are short-length exercises (between 30 minutes and 1 hour) that give students some real-world experiences with the toolset they’ve already learned. I find this the perfect chance to get used to all the newly learned mechanics of frameworks like Pandas or R.

There are quite some Projects available already: You can analyze the data that lead to the discovery of handwashing, saving hundreds of lives, explore 67 years of LEGO sets or have a look at baby naming choosing.

And here it is my first DataCamp Project: “Exploring the evolution of Linux” https://www.datacamp.com/projects/111


Thanks to Greg Wilson and Rasmus Bååth for this great opportunity!


Announcement: My first online lecture is available!

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