You probably noticed that I haven’t published some new content on this blog in November. This has some pleasant reasons that I like to share with you in this post:


Talks, Talks, Talks, Talks
I did four talks at various meetups and barcamps during November:

My first talk was at the Java User Group Metropolregion Nürnberg about the topic “Identifying problems in software development in a reproducible way with data analysis”.

It was about how software developers can use Data Science tooling to identify (and partially solve) their own problems.

Two days later, I attended the Software Engineering Camp 2017 in Tennenlohe/Erlangen. Of course, I had a talk with me: “Data Analysis in Software Development with Software Analytics”.

The audience was really great and we had good discussions about the usage of Software Analytics during the whole day.

On the second day, I had great fun in my second session about my new old computer Epson HX-20.

I saw this little laptop (the first of its kind at all, released in 1982) in a museum a few years ago and fell in love with it immediately. So I bought my own on eBay last month. It was used in the Bundeswehr (the German military) and there were some microcassettes that probably contain still some data from this area. The goal of this session was about reading that data.

The title of the session was “Mob Programming Hello World with Epson HX-20” 🙂

We didn’t achieve reading the data from the Bundeswehr microcassettes, but we got the microcassette deck working with some BASIC programming and listened to some nice analog tunes at the end. We had great fun!

Side note: I got a new sticker as well for my machine.

But the talk that took most of my free time/preparation time was the Neo4j Online Meetup “Software Analytics with Jupyter, Pandas, jQAssistant, and Neo4j”. It was my first online live talk before a worldwide audience. It pushed me really out of my comfort zone – in a very good way. Unfortunately, I put way too much content in the talk with too many demos telling too many details. I also was struggling with speaking English because I haven’t used it for quite some time…sorry for that. I promise to do better in the near future 🙂

But I’m really glad that I put the first ideas out there in the world. I will definitely put more videos online because it’s a great medium to see that basic Software Analytics isn’t hard at all (and it’s a good chance to get back to some decent English as well 🙂 ).

You can find the slides of my talk on SlideShare:

Update: Cool, I’m the Featured Community Member of the last week 🙂

A little Blog Experiment

I also tried out blogging on My article about “code inventory” got immediately published on the site. Dzone is a great way for reaching out to thousands of developers that wouldn’t otherwise come over my blog. I earned 2000 views in just two days.


Call for Papers

I participated successfully at a Call of Papers at one of Germany’s biggest software conference JAX 2018. I’m very honored that my talk “Software Analytics for Practitioner” is in the software architecture track along the “big names” in our industry 🙂


Book Review

On top of that, I reviewed Adam Tornhill’s new upcoming book “Software X-Ray” as one of the technical reviewers. The book provides a very good body of knowledge about data analysis in software development. It’s highly recommended for everyone who wants to get started in this area:


Next steps: Workshops and Online Videos

In the next weeks, I’ll create some content for workshops and trainings to bring data analysis to software developers here in Germany in 2018. I’ll also create some online video material for you that should allow you to take the first steps in the area of Software Analytics all by yourself.


Last but not least: The very good news

As you probably can see, I’m very busy at the moment even without writing new articles. I could easily fill my whole time with the topic “Software Analytics”. In fact, I do plan to do so in small steps:

  • I’m now preparing my freelance activity besides my employment.
  • Beginning with April 2018, I’ll have at least one day off in the week to give workshops and trainings about data analysis in software development to developers!

For more information, visit !


So stay tuned for more news on Software Analytics in the near future!



Busy November 2017

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