Another great talk from Eric Evans about the beginnings of the Domain Driven Design book and the development until today!

Here is, what I took away:

  • The second title “Tackling complexity in the heart of software” subsume the content of the book, “Domain-Driven-Design” is just a short name for that.
  • The “heart” of software is the core business domain. That complex thing that has the potential to generate a huge amount of money for the company.
  • Key aspects are “bounded contexts” and “ubiquitous language”
  • In the era where the book was released, Java 1.4, J2EE 1.3 and EJB 2.0 were the dominant technologies for building enterprise applications.
  • In these days the best and intelligent programmers were responsible for setting up the application server and get problems with the J2EE technology stack out of the way.
  • The more mediocre developers were left to turn the complex business requirement into some unmaintainable mess.
  • Nowadays technology is more a more getting out of the way
  • There are less intrusive frameworks and nice little libraries that can do the work. Most of the libraries bring their own little-bounded context and ubiquitous language so that a client knows how the developers of the libraries thought about the problem to solve.
  • Code reads more an more like a conversation with the computer while trying to solve a problem.
  • There is still bad software out there because the people that are creating these kinds of software system are getting so easy away with it.
Eric Evans – Tackling complexity in the heart software

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