People at conferences and meetups often ask me what I would recommend to learn X or Y. And I’m always happy to give some suggestions depending on the experience level of the person that asked. Unfortunately, this doesn’t scale very much, so here are my general recommendations on learning something very effective. This time: Python.

Python is a very nice programming language to learn. Its syntax and concepts are easy to grasp. Learners can get started very quickly and evolve their expertise as needed. So here are my TOP 5 learning resources that support you in learning Python:

TOP 1: (Interactive Online Course)

Learning Python is all about interaction because Python simply doesn’t stand in your way when you want to achieve something. I think an interactive online tutorial is the right way to begin with. The DataCamp sponsored online course quickly introduces you to Python in an active way and gives you a nice overview of Python’s capabilities.

TOP 2: Automate the boring stuff with Python (Book/Web/Video course)

As with the first recommendation, Python is all about doing actual real things. This book takes it to the next level. You not only get a dense introduction to the Python programming language, but also tons of nice ideas that could help you to automate your daily (digital) life. These learning resources show the real power of Python as an automation king for lazy people.

TOP 3: Computer Coding Python Projects for Kids (Book)

Who says that books for kids are for kids only? In this book, you’ll find a more visual flattering approach for bringing Python near to beginners. It’s very different to all the thick black and white books that are out there. Give the book a try if you want to learn Python in a more entertaining way (and want to program games in the near future).

TOP 4: Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners (Online video)

You are in a hurry but need to get to know Python quickly? Then I recommend this YouTube online course to you. In no longer than four and a half hours, you get quickly through the most important language features of Python.

TOP 5: Head First Programming (Book)

If you are completely new to programming languages and want an entertaining introduction to Python, then try out this book. It goes through the concepts of programming in general with Python as an example. It’s very detailed but always entertaining thanks to the unique style of the Head First series.

How did you start to learn programming with Python? Do you know other effective ways of learning Python? I’d be great to know! Just leave a comment down below so that we can discuss!


TOP 5 Learning Python
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