2018 isn’t over yet, but especially the last six months have been an intense time for me so far. With presentations at some major conferences, traveling around to talk at several meetups and organizing some workshops as well as coding some software analyses and helping out some developers, I have to say: THIS IS JUST FUN!

But, doing it all in part-time without enough time to do any serious acquisition activities isn’t going to do it. Also, the risks as full-time freelancer are just too high at the beginning (OK, and there is much boring organizational stuff, too…). So quit my full-time freelancing plans.

But, also, the big smiles of the developers, the great insights gained from some of my analyses as well as the feeling to do something nobody did before in software development is just too self-fulfilling to let go – so I quit my current job as software developer, too, to have even more time for data analysis in software development!

And this is the big news: From September onwards, I’ll be working for the consulting firm INNOQ as a full-time consultant. I think there will be exiting topics to work on in cooperation with some of the most renowned software people here in Germany as well as some challenging projects. I don’t know exactly how my work will look like, but I have such a great feeling that THIS WILL BE FUN!


PS: Now you know why it was so quiet on my blog. The job application time was somehow intense. But I’m also still preparing new stuff for the next conference season with talks at Herbstcampus, JUG Saxony Day, WJAX, OOP Conference as well as (hopefully) many others. I’ll be also talking at some Java User Groups in Germany. So stay tuned to get to know where you can find me next (best way: following me on Twitter)!


Small print: Well OK, actually I’m also still developing software, but it’s nowadays called consultant 😉


Goodbye software developer, hello consultant!

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