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 TOP 1: Jupyter Tips and Tricks

This is the most compact video about Jupyter notebook’s functionality I’ve seen so far. It guides you to almost all features of Jupyter notebook in just around 6 minutes. The instructur, Yufeng, explains it very well and the video is just a joy to watch. There is also a blog post in the video’s description with a nice write-up as well.

TOP 2: Jupyter Notebook Tutorial (blog post)

TOP 3: Tutorial Jupyter Notebook (blog post)

TOP 4: Mini-Tutorial Git Log Analysis (interactive online tutorial)

I’m usually humble, but I, too, create a little tutorial that could help you to get started with Jupyter notebook. At the beginning of my blog post, there is also a link that leads you to an interactive environment. It allows you to directy take your first steps with Jupyter notebook without installing anyting.

TOP 5: Introduction to data analytics with pandas (Online video)

This is not per se a video about Jupyter, but about data analytics in general. In this video, Jupyter is used as a base to do various data analyses. It shows what you can achieve within the Jupyter notebook system. It also demonstrates that you can do a complete workshop with live coding by using Jupyter notebook as your programming environment.

TOP 5 Learning Jupyter

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