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TOP 3: Pandas-way of plotting (web site)

This learning resource is for everyone who wants to plot graphics and is using the amazing pandas data analysis framework, too, you can take a huge shortcut. Pandas uses matplotlib under the hood and makes plotting easy as pie. The excellent documentation gives you detailed hints which graphics you can produces if you’re already using the data structures that pandas provides.

TOP 4: Usage Guide (online documentation)

The homepage of matplotlib has a nice usage guide that explains the main concepts and building parts of the plotting library. Reading the first part of the guide gives you plenty of information that you can search on the web for further information when needed.

TOP 5: Google picture search (web site)

No, this isn’t a joke. If you have a certain kind of visualization in mind, try to describe it with words, add a “matplotlib” keyword afterwards and use the pictures search. If you see a picture/visualization that fits your needs, just click on it. In 99% of all cases, there is also some program code that shows you how to produce the graphics you need. This is a great approach when you are into learning by doing.

How did you start to learn matplotlib? Do you know other effective ways of learning matplotlib? I’d be great to know! Just leave a comment down below so that we can discuss!


TOP 5 Learning matplotlib

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