Or: From headphones to an audiobook website.

Last Saturday, I got some bone conduction headphones. Knowing that some housework is coming up, I wanted to use that time “productively” and listen to some good audiobooks. I also read Simon Wardley’s book awhile ago, but wanted to go over it again just for fun, but never found time lately. So why not LISTEN to Simons’s book?

Because Simon published his book under an kind of open license, I decided to parse the Asciidoc version of the book with some Python magic and to send the content to the premium text-to-speech service “Polly” provided by Amazon. The results were not so bad. By publishing it on the web, others may find it more suitable for them to listen to the book instead of reading it.

So here were are: The audio version of Simon Wardley’s book “Wardley Maps”: https://github.com/feststelltaste/wardley-maps-audiobook


Wardley Maps – Audiobook
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